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January Part 107 Commercial UAS Test Prep Workshop


Heading Orientation and Flight Operations
- Intro discussing Yaw and throttle mindfulness
- Intro to Slowing Down, Situational Awareness, and Mindfulness
- Heading Correction Techniques
- Intro to On-location Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
- Intro to autonomous flight and application of Single-Pilot Resource management (SRM)

Pilot Roles, Rules, and Regulations
- FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Regulations
- Pilot Responsibilities (Sterile Cockpit)
- Risk Assessment with Aeronautical Decision Making Techniques (ADM)
- Required Documentation
- Crew and Single-Pilot Resource Management
- Hazardous Attitudes
- Communication and Leadership Skills
- Intro to Emotional Intelligence

Aircraft Familiarization, Aerodynamics, and Performance Factors
- Preflight Check and Maintenance
- Weight, Balance, Density altitude
- Equipment Management

Environment, Airspace and Airports
- Weather and basic meteorology
- METARs and Weather Sources
- Sectional Charts
- NOTAMs and TFRs
- Airport Operations and Traffic Patterns
- Phonetic Alphabet Communications
- FCC Frequencies
- Longitude and Latitude

Field Operations
- Mission Checklists
- Contingency Procedures

Emergency Procedures
- Lost Link, UAS Flyaway, UAS Fires
- Accident Reporting
- Insurance

Registration, IACRA, and Waiver Requests
- Verbiage suggestions
- Regulation Compliance