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August Flight Intelligence 1.0 Drone Workshop

From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be safe, emotionally intelligent, and informed pilots. Our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop 1.0 is the first step for any drone pilot, while also being the foundations level of our 3-level Flight Intelligence drone course series that prepares students to take their commercial FAA Part 107 exam AND be a professional drone service provider.

Our Flight Intelligence 2.0 Drone Workshop is the next step in our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop Series. While Flight Intelligence 1.0 is our primary foundations level packed with need-to-know essentials on regulations, flight operations, aircraft performance, and emergency procedures, Flight Intelligence 2.0 addresses more technical aspects of being a UAS pilot such as Camera Settings, Media Management, and how to differentiate your drone company with Business Branding, while also introducing decoding METARs and reading Sectional Charts. The Flight Intelligence 3.0 workshop dives into remaining topics often missed on the Part 107 and prepared pilots for stress management with more complicated aircraft systems.