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At Pilot EQ, we use Aeronautical Decision Making techniques tested by the FAA to diminish crashes and increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by flying drones. This means that you can increase your performance success in any and every area of your life while also learning how to pilot drones intelligently with our coaching. Regardless of whether you intend to make money flying drones or not, we truly believe that mindfully flying drones is good for your mental health and integrate mindfulness and leadership techniques into our curriculum.


If you are searching for commercial certification, our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop Series helps break up the progression of your practice, so that you can study and progress at your own pace. Perhaps you wish to immerse yourself with knowledge and will choose to stay for one of our 2-day Part 107 Commercial Workshop or Small Group Immersions. 

Pilots seeking more advanced training on aerial photography & videography, cinematic flight, drone deploy, or coaching opportunities will find our Continued Education courses appealing. A Part 107 certificate is required to attend these workshops. 

For youth and those seeking mindfulness and increased Emotional Intelligence, we provide two workshops that specifically emphasize the leadership and communication role of a pilot through the decision making process: Young Pilot Workshop and EQ Pilot Awareness Workshop.


Read below to learn more about the 11 courses we offer:


Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop Series

Pilot EQ Flight Intelligence Workshops Are Perfect for Anybody and Everybody, and allow you to keep your practice progressing at your own pace. 

FI 1 Drone Workshop AD CARD.jpg
FI 2 Drone Workshop AD CARD (1).jpg
Flight Intelligence Drone Workshops PILOT EQ

From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be safe, intelligent, and informed pilots.

Our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop 1.0 is the first step for any drone pilot, while also being the foundations level of our multi-level drone course that prepares students to take their commercial FAA Part 107 exam. While Flight Intelligence 1.0 is our primary foundations level packed with need-to-know essentials on flight operations, Flight Intelligence 2.0 addresses more technical aspects of being a UAS pilot such as Camera Settings, Media Management, Flight Route Planning, Equipment Standards, and how to differentiate your drone company with Business Branding. In our Flight Intelligence 3.0, we challenge our pilots in heading orientation and response time to prepare pilot capabilities for flying larger UAS with heavier payloads. Since this is the final stage of FAA Part 107 exam prep, we finalize discussions about sectional charts, meteorology, radio communications, and perception. 



Part 107 Commercial Test Prep Workshop
and Part 107 Immersion

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE knowledge needed to pass your part 107 so that you can pass your part 107 knowledge test.This is ideal for businesses relying on in-house pilots for commercial authorization and safe UAS implementation. 

Part 107 Commercial IMMERSION.jpg
Part 107 Drone IMMERSION.jpg

PART107 Commercial Test Prep (Class)

This class hosts a maximum of 15 students over two days from 9am-5pm. We will focus on preparing our pilots for the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test. Although it is important to pass the test, we feel that it is invaluable to intelligently fly your aircraft for the safety of others and airspace. We provide hands-on-sticks flight time during our course so that our students can apply taught flight operations protocol with the oversight of our coaches. Beginner pilots will focus on stick input mindfulness, which practiced pilots will be directed in close proximity flight. Two of these courses are held quarter. 

PART107 Immersion (Small group)

Classes are held from 9am-4pm on two days, totaling 12-hour of Part 107 test prep and flight operations training. This Part107 Immersion provides pilots the opportunity to full indulge themselves with the drone lifestyle, while also opening the door to apply what they are learning. With a max group size of 3 pilots, the Immersion provides more one-on-one learning opportunities with our coaches. Accommodations, travel, and meals are included. Immersions are held biannually. 


Heading Orientation and Flight Operations, Pilot Roles, Rules, and Regulations, Aircraft Familiarization, Aerodynamics, and Performance Factors, Environment, Airspace and Airports, Field Operations, Emergency Procedures, Registration, IACRA, and Waiver Requests. 



Continued Education for Practiced Pilots (Part 107 Required)


Intro to Aerial Photo & Video

Basic Camera Settings
We introduce basic camera standards of the photography and videography industry. 

Media Management and Editing
Capturing a photo or video is step one, but it's always helpful to know what to do with is! 

Reliable Flight Patterns
Concepts on framing and composition are defined to build awareness of style and appeal. 

Marketing and Branding as
a Drone Company

We help shorten the learning curve for our pilots by applying our years of experience to build a proper support for our pilots to succeed long term. Knowing how to differentiate yourself in a growing industry is a must.

The Art of Cinematic Flight

Dual Operator Team
Crew and Single-pilot Resource Management can make or break the success of your production. Know how to use the proper tools for your project.

Autonomous and
Close Proximity Flight
The task we have to manage while flying can be a lot to handle, so we discuss focus techniques that bring our pilots mind back to center amidst the chaos. 

Equipment Management
We talk about using the right tool for the right job, and various industry standards in equipment.

Client Management
Know how to handle difficult clients or directors so you can maintain your confidence and focus throughout the flight operation. 


Application Introduction
From Construction, Mapping, Agriculture, Inspections, Mining, and more, DroneDeploy may be your next favorite resource.

Industry Specific Marketing
Get ideas for how to package your offerings and manage costs. As the industry standards are evolving, it's important to keep your business competitive without closing the doors. 

Flight Operations and
Resource Management

Task management is a specific component of our other courses, but we will dive a little deeper into managing focus while using a variety of tools. 

Featured Apps
There are additional apps to be aware of that will work well with in correspondence with DroneDeploy to make sure your flight operation runs smoothly. 

Coaches Training

The Art of Coaching
Our coaching methods are those also used by coaches of Olympian Athletes. The intention is to motive a self-inspire athlete, who is also open to direction. This method will ensure that your students are receptive to your teaching practices.

Be The Example
Self reflect with on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) techniques, to deepen your own knowledge of the importance of these two factors. 

Inspire Others
We will talk about the data being collected by Pilot EQ, and how our mission is to inspire mental wellness and increase Emotional Intelligence through mindful drone flight. 

Change The World
By going through our Pilot EQ Coaches Training, you will be a pivotal part of sharing and representing our team mission. As you practice being a stable example, it will encourage the world to be a better place, while also inspiring mindful drone pilot practices nationally.



Young Pilot Workshops
(Child + Parent combo)

Young Pilot Drone Workshop.jpg

Our three-hour Young Pilot Workshop offers combo registration for a child and parent.

These classes are held quarterly. Students leave with a mini drone to practice on, brochures, leadership skills and a checklist to refer to. We offer group classes to schools and education facilities, however our Young Pilot Workshop is perfect for kids excited about aviation, while also catering to parents who want to teach their kids leadership and decision making skills.

We highly encourage our class for parents seeking connection and opportunity for their child. Students will leave with a greater understanding of basic aviation, aerodynamics, airspace, leadership, communication, as general decision making. 

Emotional Intelligence Awareness Workshops

EQ Pilots Awareness Drone Workshop.jpg

Mastery of Decision Making: EQ Pilot Workshop is when our curriculum comes alive.

Pilot EQ stands by and represents professional standards among the film and aviation industries, while also collecting data that supports the therapeutic benefits of flying RC aircraft. Emotional Intelligence can be seen through self awareness, self management, social awareness, and social management. Emotional awareness is a necessary part of contributing to society in a positive way.

The methods behind our coaching allow us to analyze the emotional variables of flying drones in a positive and supportive way. Meditative and emotional awareness techniques are shared to maximize the mental focusing benefits of flying to increase Emotional Intelligence. 



Online Courses (Coming Soon!) 
and OnLocation Assessments

Coming in Fall 2018, we will have an online course component which will allow students to study for the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test at their own pace, from any location. After passing our course, an OnLocation Assessment is done by our coaches to verify flight practices and flight protocol. This stage is pivotal in a pilots practice, since it reflects quality and decision making of the pilot. Passing our assessment makes pilots eligible for our referred pilots list, who are relied on as assured quality drone service providers. Certificates serve as an industry differentiator.

Our Pilot EQ System involves a 6-level certification ranking system and process. PEQ Pilots will be coached in the classes, in which standards of operations and flight practice are outlined during registration. When pilots are ready ready, students are observed at OnLocation Flight Assessments and given a specific rating on their pilot capabilities. The levels listed below are associated with specific qualities that must be demonstration by our pilots in order to acquire each certification rating. Associated rating signifies that pilots has already demonstrated these practices, while also conveying current practice focus on the next following level. 


OnLocation FLIGHT ASSESSMENTS (takes one hour per pilot)

A staple to our system, the Pilot EQ Flight Assessments provide clients and the drone industry and understanding of pilot capabilities and realistic expectations on pilot performance for each level rating. Pilots do not have to take our courses to obtain a Pilot EQ Pilot Rating and Pilot EQ Pilot Certificate. Take some time to practice our flight patterns and prepare to demonstrate to our coaches on request, then take some time to self reflect on your daily habits and triggers. Our Flight Assessments combine testing pilot capabilities and Emotional Intelligence, meaning that Emotional Intelligence (personal and social competence) levels will affect Pilot EQ Pilot Level Rating regardless of advancement in pilot capabilities. Flight Assessments are used to certify pilots for associated rating levels, while also opening the door for advanced pilots to join our PEQ network without taking required classes. As pilots rank in certification, a High Stress Flight Assessment will be required to obtain Level 4 and 5 Rating Certification.


1.) Level 01 

  • Mastering Smooth Stick Inputs
  • Mastering Internal Triggers and Distractions
  • Calmness, Contentment, Observation
  • Mental Calmness
  • Mastering Smooth Stick Inputs
  • Ease in Flight Operations
  • Self Awareness, Self Reflection
  • Self Management

2.) Level 02

  • Mastering Heading Orientation 
  • Mastering Mental Focus
  • Observation, Focus, and Practice
  • Prevention vs Intervention
  • Discipline in Flight Operations Protocol
  • Consistency in Flight Exercises
  • Self and Situational Awareness

3.) Level 03

  • Mastering Decision Management
  • Mastering Dynamic Stick Inputs
  • Connection, Communication
  • Minimal Mind Wandering
  • Breaking The Chain (of bad decision making)
  • Sensitive Discernment
  • Intro to Leadership and Management Skills
  • Self and Social Awareness
  • Self and Social Management
  • PEQ Coach Enrollment Available

4.) Level 04

  • Mastering Instantaneous (Stressful) Decision Making
  • Mastering Emergency Procedures
  • Wisdom through Awareness and Observation
  • Living In The Moment: Intuit Awareness in Decision Making
  • High Stress Testing Implemented
  • Daily Application of Emotional Intelligence
  • Certified PEQ Pilot and Coach Enrollment Available

5.) Level 05

  • Mastering Resource Management
  • Mastering Dual Operator Patterns as a Single Operator
  • Autonomous Programming
  • Directing Creativity
  • Predicting Motion
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Heavy Lift Coaching Available
  • Certified PEQ Pilot and Coach Enrollment Available

6.) Level 06

  • Mastering Intention and Goal Management
  • Timeless Intention
  • Prepare to Be Spontaneous
  • Lightheartedness
  • Feeding Spontaneous Creativity with Discernment
  • Team Management
  • Certified PEQ Pilot and Coach Enrollment Available