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Being a drone pilot is a responsibility.
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nathan b.

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"I believe we truly are at the beginning of this new era and it is good to see your company so far ahead of the curve. Very courteous to my difficulties. I advocate for others due to the professionalism and incredible array of knowledge you both bring. The understanding of the mind makes a world of difference."

Chelsea c.

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"You guys are amazing and exceeded every expectation I had and more. This workshop was incredibly valuable to me. Now I feel confident in the next steps I need to take and practice, instead of being afraid of all the "unknowns." I can't thank you enough!!!"

Jane M.

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"I'm actually really thankful for what you guys have shared with and given us! I think you guys have a solid foundation of the skills needed to fly and move safely. You guys have a different, wholistic approach to flying than anyone else I've come across, and I really believe in the value you guys are showing can be attained and bring to your own life/work. Keep doin' what you're doin'!"

Kevin M.

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"Very open, flexible and willing to answer all questions. mostly just how obviously engaged and excited Dani was regarding the material. That enthusiasm is easy to feed off of. Still pumped from our session! Can't wait to get out and fly - thanks for being awesome."

Dan B.

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"I would advocate for people in a similar position as myself. Brand new to commercial flying."