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Part 107 Test Prep Breakdown Sessions


Part 107 Test Prep Breakdown Sessions


Our Part 107 Breakdown Sessions are perfect for those who are interested in knowing specific details about what the FAA Part 107 exam will entail. We have researched what the most frequently missed questions on the exam are, so students develop a strong understanding of how the questions are worded and phrased. With Prep Tests and practice problems, our coaching will empower you with assurance before confronting the FAA Part 107 Exam.

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Our Part 107 Breakdown Sessions are perfect for those who are interested. Each session is approximately 2-2.5 hours long, and the three total sessions can be covered in one day. Schedule generally begins at 9AM and lasts until 6PM. There is a 30-40 minute break between Session 01 and 02, and a 90 minute break between Session 02 and 03.

Each student is mailed a spiral bound Part 107 Study Guide, Pilot EQ Sessions Outline, and Prep Tests that are packed with tough Part 107 questions, so that they become your strength!

Topics covered include, yet are not limited to:

Pilot Roles, Rules, and Regulations
- FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Regulations
- Pilot Responsibilities (Sterile Cockpit)
- Risk Assessment with Aeronautical Decision Making Techniques (ADM)
- Required Documentation
- Crew and Single-Pilot Resource Management
- Hazardous Attitudes
- Communication and Leadership Skills
- Intro to Emotional Intelligence

Aircraft Familiarization, Aerodynamics, and Performance Factors
- Preflight Check and Maintenance
- Weight, Balance, Density altitude
- Equipment Management

Environment, Airspace and Airports
- Weather and basic meteorology
- METARs and Weather Sources
- Sectional Charts
- NOTAMs and TFRs
- Airport Operations and Traffic Patterns
- Phonetic Alphabet Communications
- FCC Frequencies
- Longitude and Latitude

Field Operations
- Mission Checklists
- Contingency Procedures

Emergency Procedures
- Lost Link, UAS Flyaway, UAS Fires
- Accident Reporting
- Insurance

Registration, IACRA, and Waiver Requests
- Verbiage suggestions
- Regulation Compliance