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Flight Intelligence One-on-One Practical Training


Flight Intelligence One-on-One Practical Training

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Spend one-on-one time with our coaches and refine your pilot capabilities and learn about the life-long benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ; personal and social competence) through mindfulness, focus, and self reflection during your drone flight operations.

Whether you are preparing for a difficult job, looking for confidence in your flight practice, or just need to know the next step for differentiating your skills, our One-on-One Practical Training sessions are perfect for any serious pilot looking to stand out in the UAS industry. Single hourly sessions available, including up to a maximum of 4 hours per session.

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One-on-One Practice Training focuses on hands-on flight operations and Emergency Procedures

  • Practical Flight Patterns are shared
  • Aeronautical Decision Making techniques are discussed to reduce crash rates up to 80%
  • Coach shares applicable feedback on how to effectively improve pilot capabilities 
  • Emotional Intelligence techniques are observed for life-time skills in effective decision making
  • Raise confidence to prepare for a high-risk flight operation
  • Learn Flight Operation Management skills
  • Use the power of mindfulness and focus to draw out the joy and passion in your sUAS flight operations