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Flight Assessments


Flight Assessments


A staple to our system, the Pilot EQ Flight Assessments provide clients and the drone industry and understanding of pilot capabilities and realistic expectations on pilot performance for each level rating. Pilots do not have to take our courses to obtain a Pilot EQ Pilot Rating and Pilot EQ Pilot Certificate.

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Each pilot will be given a flight assessment based on her/his skill level. Our Pilot Rating System outlines the expected performance and skills that should be demonstrated through the training process.

1.) Basic

Mindful Stick Inputs, Flight Practice and Protocol is tested with precise take off and landings, alongside basic manual flight simulations.

2.) Advanced

Heading Orientation Flight and Consistent Practice challenged with more dynamic orientation flight simulations and tests.

3.) Professional

Dynamic Movement and Predicting Motion is fully integrated in flight practice with common language and advanced movements.

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