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Meet Your Pilot EQ Coaches

After working under Schedule 333 Exemption regulations since 2014 with their company Birds Eye of Big Sky, Danielle and Matthew now strive to share their knowledge base and resources with the rest of the drone pilot community. As regulations have shifts, they hope their years of experience can benefit and inform other pilots to fly safely, intelligently, and mindfully. We can only expect out of the world what we put into it, and this powerhouse team uses communication and charism to get pilots excited about flying for fun and for work. 

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Danielle de Leon (Coach Dani)

Flight Operations Manager, cinematographer, and UAS pilot at Bird Eye of Big Sky is also the head UAS Coach of our training branch Pilot EQ. With a degree in Psychology and minor in Photography, Ms. de Leon has applied her education to diversifying and enhancing our team's cunning skill. Challenging herself daily to log more flight time, she has evolved into a talented UAS pilot which inspired the creation of a UAS training program that involves Aeronautical Decisions Making (ADM) techniques tested by the FAA to decrease the likelihood of crashes, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques used by psychologists to increase efficiency in problem solving by flying drones. This means that our students can increase your performance success in any and every area of your life while also learning how to pilot drones intelligently with our coaching.


From her childhood in the San Francisco bay area to her adulthood in northwest Montana, Danielle has been surrounded by spectacular scenery and natural beauty, gaining a unique appreciation of visual splendors and aesthetic standard. Danielle possesses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of psychology, 10 years of photographic knowledge, and a well rounded understanding of unmanned aerial systems technology. Danielle is also a focused Certified Iyengar Yoga Level I & II Teacher (CIYT), providing four classes per week in Kalispell, Montana that focuses on teaching meditation in action by teaching concepts on anatomy and kinesiology of poses. The combination of technical capability and mindfulness has molded this entrepreneurial woman into a successful resource and networker who is eager to share her experience with others. 


Matthew Ragan (Coach Matt)

An entrepreneur and visionary whose life experiences has led to the creation of commercial UAS company Birds Eye of Big Sky. Matt was inspired to create an organization dedicated to the highest standards of technical excellence in Unmanned Aircraft System operations (popularly referred to as "drones") for renowned clients such as National Geographic, PBS, HBO, BBC, NBC Sports, plus many more feature film and documentary companies who demand the best results. Matt has a passion for flying in his blood; he was inspired to fly by his father and grandfather (a skilled Air Force mechanic) with whom Matt spent many hours building and flying model airplanes. Decades of RC flight experience with radio-controlled fixed-wing and rotorcraft has enabled him to seamlessly evolve into a drone pilot of incomparable proficiency.


A recognized leader in the operation of UAS, Mr. Ragan is sought by leading organizations and businesses who recognize his abilities in flying and training. Since 2015, Matt has teamed with other industry leaders to provide commercial UAS training on larger aircraft systems to renowned production companies, specialized service providers, and even government entities like Navy Special Ops Teams. As Matt has seen the shifts in drone regulations from one end of the spectrum to the next, he has made it a goal of his to encourage professionalism among production crews and set industry standards. Seeking to build a passion-fueled business and share its growth with his two sons, he has continued to embraces this new opportunity of drone piloting to follow his real passion for aviation and technology over these past 5 years.  


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We were featured on National News Channels during December and January; check our story out! 

A broadcasting company contacted us about the genesis of our drone services company, Birds Eye of Big Sky LLC, and we are happy to share what they captured with you! 


Pilot EQ Coaches Course 




Are you already an instructor interested in refining your teaching skills? Our 6-hour course will be perfect for you. We use methods applied by coaches of Olympian Athletes to develop self-motivated students who are open to new information integration. Our new coaches course opens the door for other training programs to understand the psychology behind flying drones, by studying decision making and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). At Pilot EQ, we believe flying is good for your health. Our background in psychology, training, coaching, and flying has directed us in communicating through the most efficient and applicable means available, to ensure students walk away excite, focused, and engaged. 

The benefits of mindfulness are acquiring national recognition, and many seasoned pilots would agree that flying provides a feeling of escape and contentment. For decades, mankind has been chasing the aerial view and opportunity to fly. Being a teacher or coach requires an array of skills, but we have broken them down to the most simple method around the specific topic of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training. Not only does our curriculum cover the topics necessary for the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test, but we also concentrate on applicable flight operations techniques. Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) techniques are show to decrease crash rates up to 80% as shown by the FAA, and EQ accounts for 58% of all success in all career and activity types. We have refined this curriculum to empower coaches and pilots with mindfulness, consideration, and awareness. We believe that these contributing factors on a personal level will increase quality of life, influencing happiness, and collectively make the world a more focused, driven, and mindful place.

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